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Recent stuff:
Ongoing: Lots of new photo libraries of various car and motorcycle-related activities.

May 19-20, 2007: Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists annual ride/meet/swap. Click here for photos.

Chris got another sweet old motorcycle.

Sean took some pictures at the 2006 Oregon Vintage Motorcyclist's annual spring show-n-swap.

Sean and Chris both have several "new" motorcycles. Chris found himself a 1964 Yamaha YJ1 in need of restoration, and Sean found a nice running 1972 Honda CB500. They also both purchased some mid-sixties Honda CB160 project bikes.

Personal Pages:
Check out Chris' personal page, which includes info on his Subaru STi Build-Up, and details on his move across the country to Vermont, and then subsequently back to the west coast -- he's now in Chico, CA. Click here

Stuff about Sean can be found at Sean's page.

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