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Atwater, CA National Tour and ProSolo Notes

Warm weather greeted participants in SCCA's second West Coast swing of the Solo season, with a National Tour event held on May 4th and 5th, and a ProSolo event held on May 11th and 12th in Atwater, CA. The Tour's sweeping course penalized overdriving on Saturday, but flowed better on Sunday. The Pro course was an odd design that featured a short start straight and a sweeping figure-eight style cross over. Run times were short, and speeds were generally low.

Starting off in Super Stock, Stacey Molleker showed the way in his Z06's over Kevin Dietz and Tom Kotzian at the Tour. Erik Strelnieks brought home another ProSolo win, just edging out Kevin Dietz. Laura Molleker won SSL at the Tour. C4 Corvettes again dominated A Stock, with Scott Mchugh winning at both the Tour and Pro. Lori Robertson scored a win in ASL at the Tour.

B Stock was dominated by Honda's hot S2000 with Mitch Fagundes winning over Joe Goeke and Andy McKee at the Tour. Goeke came back during the Pro to win over eventual Super Challenge winner McKee. Erin O'Boyle brought home the BSL win in an S2000.

Ken Motonishi did the double with his C Stock victory at both events, with Jason Keeney earning a second at the Tour and a third at the Pro, just behind Byron Short. Barbara Leroy-Boehm grabbed the CSL win in her Toyota MR Spyder.

D Stock proved an exciting battle with Ron Bauer edging out Kevin McCormick for the Tour win, but Kevin responded with a win at the Pro. Katie Elder again proved to be a strong contender with her win in DSL over Annie Gill.

Randy Noll just edged out Eric Clements and Jim Daniels for the Tour win in E Stock in a Toyota MR2. Randy proved dominant at the Pro too, just edging out Teresa Neidel for the win. Mari Clements gave the family MR2 a win at the Tour in ESL.

David Schotz dominated F Stock in his thundering Mustang Cobra at both events. Unfortunately F-Stock got bumped into B-Stock at the Pro, so Dave didnÕt make the Super Challenge. Micheal DeJesus finished second at the tour, while Kevin Youngers finished second at the Pro. Bonnie Mueller secured the FSL win at the Tour.

Neons ruled the G Stock roost at the Tour, with Jerold Lowe just nipping ahead of Mark Darby by 0.025 seconds. The launch of Chris HartmanÕs Subaru Impreza 2.5RS proved an advantage at the Pro, earning him his second Pro win of the year over Lowe and Sean Ross, co-driving HartmanÕs Subaru. Heather Howe gave Subaru another class victory with her win at the tour in GSL.

Lorin Mueller put his Focus ZX3 into the H Stock lead at the Tour, winning over Scott MullinsÕ Hyundai Tiburon. The Pro saw the new Mini take the win, with Paul Woolley just edging out co-driver Isaac Bouchard by 0.008 seconds for the win.

Gary Thomason and his ASP Corvette edged out Scotty WhiteÕs ZO6 at the Tour and Pro, while LiNay White gave Naykid Racing a second trophy, with her ASPL win. Bill Buetow took home two wins in BSP, just ahead of co-driver LJ Moffet. Pilar Miranda gave Ankeny Racing a win in BSPL. Rory Marin led the way in BSP Vintage over Manny Pretti and Speedy Knudson, while Jan Knudson brought home the BSPVL trophy.

Tom Ellam won CSP at both the Tour and Pro with his Hoosier-shod Mazda RX3, while Ben Martinez drove his Capri to a popular Tour win, in a large 12 car DSP class. Tom Berry put his Camaro SSR ahead of Glen Hernandez at the Tour, and ahead of Steve Equina at the Pro for a popular ESP win.

Tako Aono put his Toyota Corolla in the lead of FSP at the Tour, just ahead of Abe PotterÕs Scirocco. Both men also grabbed the top two spots of the combined DSP/FSP/STX Pro class. Yoshie Shuyanna won in FSPL, over Brianne GreenÕs TR6. Another SFR class, OSP, was won by Bong Solis driving a Toyota Corolla.

In CP, Mike Maier won over Frank Stangnaro, both men in Mustangs. DP was ruled by Chris KannanÕs Honda CRX, which earned two class wins thanks to Pam KannanÕs win in DPL. Ron Baker set some scorching times in his EP Datsun 510 to just pull ahead of Mike Sutton at the Tour.

Modified classes saw Alex Chiu winning the Tour in CM, just a couple tenths ahead of Blake Wilson. Chuck Voboril fought back though, and took the Pro win. Tito Solis won DM with his Toyota Starlet, and Steve OÕBoyles brought home the top spot in EM in his Mazda RX7 Turbo. Steve also won the combined Prepared Class at the Pro.

In the Formula Junior ranks, Kyle Short won over Jake Mottaz and Mathew Clements at the Tour. Jonathon Clements stepped it up at the Pro, winning the class just ahead of Mathew Clements and Kyle Short.

Will Kalman dominated the Tour in STS in his Escort GT, with Ken StoltzÕs Subaru 2.5RS holding off Curtis EamesÕ Audi TT for the second position. Pam Eames just nipped Julie Jacobs by two thousands of a second for the STSL win. Hiroo Sumida put his Subaru 2.5RS into the top spot at the Pro, winning over Kalman and Grady Wood, driving HirooÕs Subaru. STX was won by Vincent Wong driving his Prelude SH at the Tour, while Derek Punch and Chris Prall brought home the top spots in PrallÕs Subaru 2.5RS at the Pro.

Vic Sias led the Street Modified class at the Tour in his E36 BMW M3 pulling ahead of Ralph Shubert in an E30 M3. Corey Smith shot his bright Yellow Audi S4 into the Pro win, just ahead of Sias. Elise Geiger won SML at the Tour. Street Modified 2 was won by Gary McClure who just edged out brother Brad in the family 911.

The ProÕs Ladies 1 class was dominated by Patty Tunell, in their new D Stock BMW 330Ci. PattyÕs fast times helped her edge ahead of Yvonne Short in the new Mini, and Katie Elder in the Type R. Laura Molleker pulled ahead in Ladies 2, just ahead of Angela Moffet and Leslie Cohen, all in Corvettes.

Overall, both events had excellent turn-out no doubt thanks to the lack of wet weather. Finally, an opportunity to truly setup for a dry high-grip surface, giving everyone a chance to prepare for a NationalÕs style course. SCCAÕs National Tour moves on to Rome, NY on June 1st, while the ProSolo series visits Petersburg, VA on May 25th.