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Super Suspension Install Day!

I spent most of the day installing my new suspension goodies. A set of Tein Flex coil-overs, complete with front camber plates and rear pillow-ball mounts, and 10Kg/mm front springs and 8Kg/mm rear springs. I also installed a pair of Cusco anti-roll bars, 22mm in front, and a three-way adjustable 20-24mm rear bar. And just to make things pretty, I threw on an STi replica front strut brace. A big thanks to Gruppe-S for supplying me with these components in a friendly and timely manner.

I was a little worried how the stiff spring setup would feel, but I'm very surprised to find that it handles the smaller bumps of day-to-day driving better than the stock STi setup. It feels much smoother over the smaller bumps and ridges. Handling is very sharp, and body roll is pretty much nonexistant.

And yes, those are new gold wheels on their too! I couldn't wait. These were going to be my autocross wheels, but decided I liked them so much I would make these my daily wheels. I think I'm going to sell the stock STi wheels and search for some 8.5-inch wide wheels for autocross. These are 17x8 Rota Torques, purchased from Subydude.com. A big thanks to those guys!

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