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New Jersey SCCA Event

With an invite from Keith Casey, STX National Champion in his Subaru WRX Wagon, I headed down to a New Jersey SCCA event. I was greated with a nice smooth asphalt lot roughly four times the size of the lot we run at Oregon Region events. Speeds were high, and I found myself in third gear for a good portion of the course. I ran in ESP, since I have the intake installed, but was otherwise stock. No race tires, no shocks, no nothin'. I ended up winning a small three car ESP field (Mustang and WRX Wagon) but also managed to run times that would have won a large Street Modified class, which was filled with STis, WRXs, and Evo running suspension and race tires. I had a blast, and it realy helped me get back into the sport after my move out here. i can't wait to get some suspension and race tirs under this car!

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