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Photos from the SCCA Solo II National Championships:

September 8th and 9th -- Travel days. Photos from the trip out, including the snow we ran into near Elk Mountain, Wyoming.

September 10th -- Arrived at the site. Got the car ready, staked out our paddock area, and then went to the Combat Air Museum -- photos are from the museum.

While watching the first heat on the 11th, tragedy strikes. We're evacuated, unsure if we'll be able to race, or even whether we want to... It seems nothing will be the same.

September 13th -- Race day. After much discussion, the SCCA, the Air National Guard, and the Airport Authority come to an agreement, and we're allowed back on the site. Racing will be one day only, on the South course only. These are the photos from the actual event.

September 14th -- Travel day. Photos from the trip home, including the new girlfriend Chris meets in Greely, Colorado.

September 15th -- Travel day. Photos from the trip back through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada.

No photos from the last driving day, due to a horrible bout of food poisoning all three of us got from a casino restaurant in Winnemucca, Nevada. It's no fun driving across two states while extraordinarily sick. An unfortunate end to a great trip.

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